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Our Siggers Balayage Academy educational team is quickly becoming the most sought after balayage team in the country.  Siggers Balayage Academy is considered to be “A Master in the Industry” by our peers. By consistently pursuing the most innovative techniques in continuing education, they remain the most experienced instructors in the USA. Each of our 30+ highly-experienced hairdressers were professionally trained during their apprenticeship.  With 48 years of internal educational success, our class is the best in the world for learning balayage techniques from the experts.  We provide you with the quality and quantity you need; as you practice painting on mannequins and live models, and observe the techniques of our multiple expert instructors.


Our two-day intensive course will introduce you to the technique of painting Balayage and Ombre highlights, and will also give you knowledge on how to use the best bleach (Artego). This class is designed for any hairdresser looking to learn or improve their balayage hand-painting techniques. Topics covered will include: sectioning the hair, proper mixing ratios, application, saturation, toner with color glossing, processing time, foil and balayage differentiations, and more. ​


Each morning, our techniques will be demonstrated for you by one of our lead instructors.  Then you will be given the opportunity to try these techniques for yourself, by first practicing with a washable tempera paint (instead of bleach) on a mannequin head that will be provided for you. This exercise teaches you how to control the product, saturate the hair properly (without creating any permanent coloring), and to improve on your paint designs and techniques before working on live models. ​


After practicing on the manequins, lunch will be provided for you on both days.  Each afternoon, you will be using Artego balayage bleach to hand-paint on live models' hair!  This will give you the real-world experience that you need before returning home to your customers. Our multiple instructors will be alongside you throughout the entire process, providing you with advice and secrets for achieving successful results. You will have the option to paint multiple live-models each day, providing you with plenty of practice.    


You will learn how to decipher which of your highlight clients might be potential balayage candidates and which are foil highlight candidates. More advanced techniques are available for return students including Balayage with lowlights, baly-color, and tease balayage. At the end of the class, receive a FREE instructional DVD of your choice as a gift from us!  You will also receive a diploma in the mail upon completion of our 2-day course to display in your salon. A whole new world of hair color awaits you. You will return to work on Tuesday with the knowledge and confidence needed to start offering balayage as an additional service for your clients. This will increase your income and allow you to service more customers. We can't wait to have you here!  


Cost of class

for both days is

$550 per person.





All materials, mannequins, lunches, and models are furnished by Siggers Balayage Academy.

Call Siggers Hairdressers to sign up for a class at 770.491.0800 or email for a brochure and registration form.

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