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So I attended Siggers Balayage two day, hands on training class last week. Wow! First off, bullet points on me. I'm an accomplishment colorist, salon owner, former educator and had a pretty good grasp on Balayage. It is my opinion and that of others, that continuing education and skill refinement is one of the most important tools of our industry. That being said, back to Wow! When I arrived at Siggers I already knew that they were one of, if not the country's leading Balayage and Ombré educators. From the start to the finish this organization was a class deal. Their ability to convey and articulate the Balayage technique was spot on. No wasted time, no filler, no product pushing bs. They do however offer you the ability to purchase some of their tools, which is half the battle. If you don't believe me watch some You Tube videos of the worlds best. A lot use Siggers tools. Back to topic, John, and Chad lead the class and got us started with the do and do nots of Balayage. From there it was Mannequins. Now a lot of my point to this review is to shout out to All of the salons "Talent" that served as roving educators. But particularly the "Young" talents. The ability they all possessed, to identify and help correct applicational miscues we students were all guilty of at the onset and through the Mannequin exercises, were exactly what we all needed and came for. Hey, John and Chad couldn't hover over everyone, they did. They were at times almost on top of you and to grasp this technique, that's what it takes. Now think about this, if they're young talent is that proficient, that skilled and that knowledgeable to be able to quickly and efficiently help refine someone like me, that's all the proof you need for vindication of this hands on opportunity. You see it's easy for a colorist with equal experience and time behind a brush to identity applicational flaws, but a young talent? Could your assistant teach you refined skill applications? Probably not, so that means that Siggers knows their stuff, and obviously can teach to the point of comprehension. And trust me, again, I'm good. I'm talented and very accomplished in this industry. I could not have been more impressed with this organization. This opportunity is worth every dollar you'll spend. So if your serious about being one the best at Balayage hair coloring, get on the web or the phone and get it together.


A few cool side notes were the Awesome lunches, Sonya making me feel like a super model with her camera, meeting John and Chad Siggers, and these two young lady instructors that rode my butt and didn't let me get away with anything. I had a blast, miss you all and would love to do it all again. Hey who knows, maybe I just will. : )


Peace, Love and Great Hair... Patrick Meredith



The instructor took the time to show me body positioning and how to hold the brush and apply product with the brush, in a way that works best when doing balayage.My take away from the class was the technique on how to defuse color from start to finish.  I recommend this class.  Everyone is patient and courteous while going over and over, no matter how many questions we asked.

I am still in aww! - Gavin Grey




Thank you. That class changed my life! :)) - Alicia T.



Your class was the best!  I was new to balayage and practicing with mannequins in the mornings was a great way to ease into learning how to create the proper paint designs without making anything permanent.  Hands-on training with live models in the afternoons allowed me to try the real-deal before returning to my clients at home.  I was able to ask questions and have someone beside me the whole time, walking me through what I was doing correctly and what I needed to do differently.  The Siggers team had so many good tips and tricks that made me feel way more confident in what I was doing.  It's a totally different technique for painting balayage highlights as opposed to foils.  By the time the class was over, I felt like I had the hang of it and was excited to get back and offer this service to my clients!  I can say that practice with the right teaching made me successful!  I'm so grateful to Siggers Hairdressers educational team for providing such an opportunity and a positive learning environment. - Kris



The staff was wonderful.  They treated me like family.  The owner's wife Carol picked me up from the hotel and took me home.  They are so nice!  I learned a lot from the class and I learned to take my time and to work my way up, so that I can blend the product and not leave a line. I recommend this class.  I have been to many other academies and Siggers is the best. - Hope Carroll



Chad is great!  He has lots of patience teaching this class.  The best things I learned were sectioning, the volume of peroxide to use, and how to hold the brush and apply correctly for best results.  "Don't see where it starts, only where it ends."  This class is very hands on and has great educators!  They are very clear and precise.  - Cherie Bianco



The entire experience has been excelent!  I enjoyed learning about the ombre technique and how to paint the hairline.  Siggers has been so sweet and helpful!   - Kristen Ormonde


Siggers Hairdressers is a wonderful facility with an obvious team of top trained facilitators.  They have a friendly staff of very professional young people.  I learned an artistic sense of the practice of balayage.  I would absolutely recommend this class and would advise others who are planning to attend to pay attention and leave your ego at home.  Siggers' time in the education business has been well spent. - Dennis Roche

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the class and wished I had more time. Everyone was so wonderful and thoughtful. I hope I can come back because you can never learn to much. -Lynette Addison




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